About Us

Krajinamed started his business 20 years ago when owner Miloš Popović began producing wooden beehives for his own needs. The great passion for beekeeping has evolved into the production of highest quality wooden beehives that have found their way to domestic and foreign customers, most of them from the EU.

As the market requests grew, Krajinamed expanded its activities and followed the trends of modern beekeeping. From a small carpentry workshop, Krajinamed became a leader in the production of wooden beehives, and as part of Krajinamed, we opened a honey shop to fulfill needs of our customers and users of bee products - honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly and cosmetics based on honey.

Together with Milos Popovic, in company management participates also his son Branislav, who has successfully led the company to new challenges over the last 5 years. Father and son, a combination of experience and youth, are a winning combination that can meet all the market requests. In addition to the production of wooden beehives, we also started producing a wax foundations and bee cakes.

We would be pleased if you could visit or contact us and see for yourself the quality of our products!